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Saturday, March 15, 2014

This is it! Finally, the My Dress is on sale! 

The My Dress pattern started with an idea to make a simple pattern for beginners. I wanted to make something that would be easy for beginners yet still allow them to learn new techniques, and I also wanted something that could be worn anywhere and be sewn out of anything. The MyDress does just that. It’s a very simple silhouette that is flattering on almost all body types. Make the MyDress out of a knit or a woven fabric. Put a print on top, on bottom, or both. Pregnant? There is a maternity option as well! A simple invisible zipper on the side makes it easy to get on and off. With quick and easy construction, this one is the perfect Sewing 101 dress. 

This process when through multiple rounds of testing. Thank you to all of the testers!

Jen Bennet of Dotted Llama
Sarah Coker
Chrissy Fleming
Katrina Friedman
Shannon Friedman
Mo Geisler
Daniela Jennings
Jeanean Jenkins
Erin Klinar
Mary Lake Newton
Daphne Rice
Stacy Sams
Michelle Smith
Sew Dayton
If you were a tester and would still like to send  pictures or feedback you can email me at or post them to the facebook group Debbie Brooke Patterns

Thank you Alison Stanfield for the wonderful pictures! 

Pictured below 

Group pictures 


  1. I know it must be right in my face But how do I get this pattern

    1. Do you have a local fabric store? If not, you can buy it on Five Eighth Seams' website. It will be loaded by tomorrow!

  2. Where can I purchase this pattern?
    It is not on Five Eighths Seams website.
    I would love to make this! Cute dress!

    1. We just added it! Sorry for the delay
      Do you have a local fabric store?

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