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We are located at 1942 Sam Rittenberg Blvd  in Charleston, South Carolina

Monday           10-7
Tuesday          10-6
Wednesday    10-6
Thursday        10-6
Friday              10-5
Saturday          10-5
Sunday            Closed 

Call Us: (843) 225-3958
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  1. Hi Brooke
    I just wanted to say hi and suggest something from business girl to business girl. :) I was getting ready to purchase this pattern: for my shop when I read the perfect description of what a girls tank should be like. Your description is perfect until all the modesty is combined with it still looks "sexy". I am not sure that is the proper word for a 'tween" maybe attractive would be a better choice. I don't know maybe it's me, but it just didn't seem right. Just wanted to share with u.
    Best of luck,


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