My Love for Serging

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sergers?…   uh oh!!

They are so FUN!!!!!  I don’t know why people hate sergers.  Every time we say the word “Serger” people give us “The Look”…  Now, I want to tell everyone that sergers are soooo much fun!!  They can do so much for your sewing projects.  Please take the time and get to know your serger! This year my Valentine is my Huskylock s21 serger. 

There are many different kinds out there, and they all have something different to offer you.  However, on this post I want to talk about my Serger, the Viking S21 model :).  I bought my Serger a few years ago, and I have to admit I was just like  you!…Yes! YOU…  I was very scared by my Serger.  Just to look at her gave me the blues… four to five different threads, five different needle positions, “21” different stitches -> My thoughts …. I AM NEVER GOING TO USE “21” different stitches! Yeah right!Today, I LOVE every single one of them!!!!  Especially my “Cover Stitch” option on my serger (usually you need to purchased a separate machine that ONLY does cover stitch). 

 Another favorite of mine -> The beautiful “Roll Hem”!  Yes!!  My Serger does the most beautiful roll hem . 

 And my latest favorite is the “Cover Stitch Binding”.  This presser foot is the latest creation from Husqvarna Viking specific to the Sergers.  You can use this foot on your S21 and S25 models.

Now, let me tell you about this beauty.  Like the name states, it is a “Cover Stitch Binding” foot, and Yes!!! you can now bind ANYTHING with a SERGER.  You read that right!  BINDING WITH A SERGER, and it does a beautiful job.  You name it! placemats? napkins? baby blankies, perhaps a quilt?  Why not?  You can bind anything now using your Serger.

A piping foot is another attachment you can use to quickly make your own piping.

Another exciting foot is the elastic foot. I should definitely use this more.

So, PLEASE give your Serger a chance. They are wonderful machines and I think people underestimate the “power” of a Serger. ;)  You are missing out if you have not given your Serger a chance yet!

Sew Happy Always!!



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  2. Exactly, regardless of your sewing skill level, a serger can increase your sewing productivity significantly. This is especially true if you like sewing with knit and polar fleece fabrics, as sergers handle these beautifully.

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  14. I love surging. It's a sewing machine that sews like a dream and saves so much time. I've sewn so many projects with this machine, including a beautiful wedding dress. My favorite thing to sew is a shirt. It takes a long time to cut and sew all the pieces of fabric, but surging makes it quick and easy.


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