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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Phase 2

Now that phase 1, making the playmat top, is complete, I am ready to think about quilting it. So, I made a quilting plan. Now that it's done, I’m not sure if I love it or if I will ever do it again, but I am happy with the finished product. 

Because the mat is only 36" x 36", it was easy to pick out a backing. I just needed a yard of any 42" fabric. If I would have gotten it quilted, I would have needed 44" x 44" because the quilter needs 4 extra inches on each side of the backing and the batting. I would have needed to sew on 2-4" panels on the sides and would have bought 1 1/4 yards of fabric. 

The main reason I do not like quilting it myself is because it is extremely time consuming and I can see every flaw. Next time I will pay to get it quilted!

I sewed lines 1/4" away from the sashing, and I stitched in the ditch around each number.

Now for Phase 3: making the poles!


  1. Amazing designs, i like the polka dot patterns and the way it is put to use.

  2. Thank you for sharing , the designs are wonderful and simple .


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