Introducing the Fabiana Peplum

Sunday, May 04, 2014

I am so excited to finally introduce my third pattern the Fabiana Peplum to the world. Although this pattern was completed a while ago, I have been trying to perfect it one eighth of an inch at a time. Because the nesting of this pattern was so complicated it  I wanted to find a way to get it to you precut. This took a lot of research, phone calls and meetings. Lucky me, lucky you, I found a way to do it. I think you will find having a precut pattern saves so much time and energy. The top and dress version is a fast sew, making this a one day project!!!

However, I must confess the reason it has taken me so long is because I am so tired. I hope some of you can relate. I am 13 weeks pregnant, and with a 2 year old and 13 month old, I am finding myself falling asleep every time they do. This is so not like me. I am usually always on the go, but the past 2 months I have been just a wreck, and, unfortunately, it has affected my work. As much as I love my new pattern business, my store, Five Eighth Seams, and my sewing, students come first, so I have just been busy and unbelievably tired. Who knew making a baby could be so exhausting?! I am starting to finally get some energy back, so I am sorry this process has taken so long.

 The good news is that I have been working with a company that has helped me design this pattern, so that it can be printed on freezer paper and then cut out with a laser. What does that mean? No more tracing, no more cutting paper, and, for those of you that iron your freezer paper on, no more pinning! I have already printed a batch on heavy paper that is extremely sturdy and tested well. I will be printing the second batch on freezer paper. 

What makes me a little nervous about having a precut pattern is the ability to steal and share easily with friends. I guess all patterns can be shared; this way is just a lot easier. I’m hoping that my belief that the sewing community is full of good, amazing, honest people will make all my work worth it. Maybe a little karma will help, too. 

This pattern has been tested in 2 rounds, and, so far, everyone has loved it! The only major change is that the bodice has been extended on size 5 and up. Other than that, it's almost identical. Here are some fun tester pictures. Because I had so many testers this time, it is too many to list, but I am very thankful and appreciate all of their feedback!

The pattern comes in either sizes 12m-4 or 5-12. Each pattern retails at $15.90. Wholesale is available and anyone interested should contact me at

We had a great time taking cover photos with Alison Stanfield of Alison Stanfield Photography. Here are some of the pics!

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