Sew Happy

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Why am I sew happy?  Because summer is finally here!  I know some focus on the negative aspects of a Charleston summer like the suffocating hot, humid days, the mosquitoes swarming any time you try to enjoy the outdoors, and the endless sand that you can’t seem to sweep out of the house from your last beach trip.  But I’m in love with summer, and all year, it is my ultimate crush.  I think about it all the time.  I yearn to have it.  I think my life would be so much better if it were here.   And this year, I have wanted it more than ever. 

So you must be curious about what I have planned that could make me be this crazy for summer.  I am going to finally have time to sew!

 One would think that making time to sew shouldn’t be so exciting for a woman who owns a fabric store.  I get to sew all the time, right?  But that hasn’t been my experience this first year as a business owner.  I am surrounded by gorgeous fabric day in a day out, and I work several times a week with creative and inspirational students in my sewing classes.  It makes me want to sew every day and night, but I just haven’t had time.  Great new patterns arrive daily, and I dream about the fabric I will use with each one.  I even buy fabric (because I am a bit of a fabric hoarder) with eager anticipation to go home to sew, but other tasks rob me of this. 

 So this summer, I am making sewing a priority.  I plan on sewing all of those patterns hanging in my store that I have been dying to use, and I have decided to share my experiences with you.  I will be blogging daily about each pattern I am working on, share with you how it’s going, the problems I am finding, and of course the finished project.  My goal is to complete 20 patterns in 10 weeks, but I am not sure if I can get it done since I will also be teaching classes at the store, training for a half ironman, and trying to continue renovating my 1960s house!  I am excited about the prospect, though, and I am even more excited about getting to share and communicate with the amazing customers that have helped our first year in business be more amazing than we ever thought. 

 My summer begins officially June 4th (when school ends) and that is also the 1 year birthday of Five Eighth Seams, a fittingly perfect date to start my sewing adventure.  I hope you will join me, and I am counting on some encouragement from you along the way.


  1. With your endless amount of energy and creativity, I have no doubt that you will accomplish you summer sewing (and other!)goals! Can't wait to see your projects :)

  2. I am so anxious to see your progress. I have tons of stacks and great thoughts and I am going to rely on you to enhance my motivation !!! So lets get going !!!


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