Children's Corner Louise pattern to make a Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

Monday, October 29, 2012

Doesn't this face say it all?

I've sort of always been a Halloween person. I love dressing up and seeing everyone else's costumes. So, when I had my first child, I just knew this would quickly become one of my favorite holiday's. Instead of crafting a costume for myself I got my wiggles out by making an absolutely adorable costume for Braelyn. I mean, those store-bought, generic costumes never fit right, anyway.

Braelyn as Minnie Mouse!

Making Minnie

After looking through a lot of patterns I decided the Louise pattern by Children's Corner would be best.
I love the peter pan style colar and it immediatly made me think of Minnie. I also love the gathered skirt at the bottom.

Louise by Children's Corner. $13.00
The only problem was that the pattern is a sleeveless dress and I needed Minnie's classic cuffed puff sleeve. I decided to combine the sleeve from Boonie Blue Design's Bailey Classic A-line dress with the Children's Corner Louise pattern.

Deciding what pattern to use was not my hardest task, though. Deciding between the classic red Minnie and the current pink Minnie was very hard. After a lot of thought I decided to go with Pink. I love the size of Moda's Dottie Dots. Moda's Dottie Peony was perfect. I needed 1 3/8 yards for the dress. I was able to fit the sleeves on that amount as well. I needed 1/4 yard of white for the collar and sleeve cuffs.

The raised waist in the Louise pattern was perfect for Minnie and I decided to make a simple tutu to go underneath to help make it look full like Minnie does on the show. To make the tutu I just used 4 inch wide strips of tulle and tied them to an 1/2" wide elastic waistband. It's always a good idea to flatten tulle under a book after the tutu is made to help prevent crinkling.

The ears:

To make the ears I used black felt, a plastic headband, scraps of the pink dottie fabric, tulle and old black pantyhose. I did not want to put a plastic headband on a one year old, but needed the stability of the plastic to hold the ears up. So, I combined the middle portion of the plastic headband (three inches or so) and glued old pantyhose to the ends so I could wrap the headband comfortably around her head.

The trick to making the ears stand up is to make the back of the ear a little shorter than the front. I used two four-inch diameter circles. I sewed the two circles together pulling the back circle down a bit to make it shorter. Both circles had a small rectangle flap at the bottom which was glued to the headband with a hot glue gun.

I made a bow with scrap fabric from the dress and stuffed tulle inside to make it look full. I just hot clued that to the ears.

Pattern #4 Louise (Revised) Children's Corner pattern #77 Review:

All in all, I really like how this pattern turned out! I love the fit and I thought is was very fast and easy to make. On the pattern they list the difficutly as Moderate. I would agree with that not because the dress is hard to make but because of the way the directions are written. I know I have said this before but if you have not had formal training in sewing or if you are not an experienced sewer, Children's Corner patterns can be hard to read. The only part I did not like was the back placket in the skirt. The pattern wants you to cut a strip of fabric to use as a placket around a V shapped opening. This is created to make the opening in the back of the dress go down lower. I assume this is due to the high waist line. I did not think it was necessary once the dress was completed. It was easy to get on and off without the extra opening. That part in the directions was the hardest to read.

Overall, I would suggest this pattern to anyone because it fits so well. Children's Corner has been around a long time and it seems like they have their sizes down. Children's Corner now has a YouTube channel with helpful instructional videos.


  1. The outfit and your daughter are as cute as a button! You did a fantastic job!

  2. You can't get much more adorable than that photo of Braelyn in her Minnie Mouse outfit. Perfect for the little ones in your life.

  3. agree the placket seems unnecessary and extremely difficult to understand, otherwise great. sweet dress!

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