Chloe Dress Violette Field Threads [Part One]

Friday, November 02, 2012

To see part two, the finished dress, click here. 
We started carrying Violette Field Threads patterns this year. I instantly fell in love with them and think they are just adorable. Misty found them by stumbling across the Audrey dress online. I love this dress by downloading a pattern is not my favorite thing. There's just something about holding the full pattern pieces with a book of directions.

But, online worries aside, the Audrey dress is great. It is fast to make and uses minimal fabric. They do have some adorable PDF patterns that I suggest using if you do not mind downloading, printing, and putting together puzzles. :)

After falling in love with the Audrey pattern I ordered the seven paper patterns they offer. They just released another six patterns that we will have in the store soon. I am absolutely obsessed with the Whitney pants and will make them the day they arrive at the store.

Daniela's daughter Fabiana modeling the Emmaline dress!

In the store Misty has made the Emmaline and the Molly jacket and in class Linda made the Vivienne skirt. I love all of them so when the Chloe pattern came in I was very excited to make my daughter's birthday dresses out of it.

When the pattern came in, though, I was a little confused by the fabric requirements. It called for Nylon Chiffon. You know it from your granny's old fashioned slips. It also called for Netting (itchy and yuck) or Poly-blend lining which is not my favorite to sew on.

Can't I just use cotton and tulle?

It says in a note that the nylon chiffon layer is for comfort against the skin. I agree that would feel good but let's be real...this dress if for a one year old. Comfort and ease of sewing prevail. Sorry, Braelyn. I still love you! I like the idea of using Hang Free 6000 Anti-static Lining, because they recommend the nylon chiffon I might try the polyester lining. Oh decisions, decisions! I love the idea of a full skirt but without buying netting I think an extra layer of tulle will work. For the lining (which is optional) it recommends Poly-blend lining. I am not going to add the additional lining.

Princess or Cupcakes? Why not both?!

I know I sound crazy but I cannot decide between a princess print dress or a cupcake print dress.  These novelty prints by Michael Miller are both so adorable and because she is so young I think a novelty print is perfect for a birthday party. If she were older I would get a satin sold or a floral print but for a one year old birthday party I think novelty is fun. All that said, I am going to make two dresses for her this year. (See? I told you I loved her!) She'll wear a princess dress for her party in Ohio with my relatives and a cupcake dress for her party in Charleston with Matt's family and her friends. Going through the pattern it looks fairly simple. We will find out soon enough:)

Stay tuned to see how they turned included, of course!

Want to make your own Violette Field Threads garment? Misty is teaching a class on the Molly jacket! It is scheduled for November 9th from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. The class costs $40 and includes the $13 pattern. As usual, space is very limited, so call us today to reserve your space!

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