Quilt Sashing, Border, and Backing

Friday, November 09, 2012

We're getting there! It seems like forever ago that I started this project but it's finally all starting to come together. Just take a quick look...

Don't you just love the sashing? Well, I hope you do because this is actually the second version of it.

Let's go back to last Sunday. I accidentally cut the wrong fabric for the sashing. But, I didn't hate it since it all sort of just went together when I bought it. So I sewed it on and they laid what would have been my border around it.

And, I hated it. It was like the middle was so light and bright and the outside was so muted and dull. So, I ripped the sashing all apart. Which is no small feat. It's 13 pieces for crying out loud. But, I was glad I did. Don't you think putting the blue in as the sashing gives the blocks so much more of a border?

So, now since the original border fabric was all cut up to sashing pieces and then ripped out it's unusable for the project and the store sold out of it a long time ago. All that meant is more shopping for me. I chose the Garden Rocket Turquoise by Art Gallery.

For the backing I was so excited about the multi-colored chevron I got. But, in class I learned that we'd have to cut off a portion of it and move it to the top of remaining panel to fit the correct dimensions of the quilt. That would essentially ruin the line of the graphic chevron. I thought about it for far too long before I decided to just add a border around the chevron for the backing. I had plenty of my background fabric left over so I used that.

By next week, I need to have my borders sew onto the top and have the whole thing sandwiched with the batting. Wish me luck.

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If you're interested in learning to quilt yourself, we're holding a series of classes this January. There were only a few spaces left last I checked so if we're all booked up, be sure to get on the waiting list.

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