Swim Cover-up Pattern Review Sewing Modkids Style

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Swim Cover-Up Pattern Review

Summer is just around the corner, and I have been dying to make some beach clothes.  I saw a pretty pattern called Swim Cover-Up in the Sewing Modkid Style book by Patty Young and thought it was perfect for my little girl.  For this creation, I could not resist purchasing some bright-colored chevron knit fabric that we carry at Five Eights Seams.

First, I began to read the instructions and, at this point, I got very intimidated by the FOE or fold-over elastic.  I had never used this material before and did not know what to expect.  So, I debated about whether or NOT to do this pattern.  In the end, I liked it so much that I convinced myself to persevere and do it! For more projects on FOE check out this post.

As always, I start out by cutting my fabric.  Now that I am using a rotary cutter, this part has become very easy.  Also, there are not too many pieces to cut with this patter (i.e. Front, Back, Sleeves, Hood and Pocket).  It is optional, but do not forget the 4” wide by 60” long strip for the bottom ruffles.  That is it!  If you are having any problems cutting out knit fabric try sandwiching the fabric between two pieces of freezer paper. 

When you begin to sew, you will start with the Hood by sewing around the rounded edge.  Remember that if you are working with a knit fabric, you will be better off using your zigzag stitch.  Here is where we come to the fold-over elastic part.  To be honest with you, I pinned it... Ok, I should say I OVER PINNED the FOE to the Hood.  Only after I began to sew did I discover that this was not necessary.  You can simply fold the FOE as you go using only your fingers to hold it in place (a slow to medium speed on your machine will help, too).  This one is the part that I wanted to tell you about... It was the easiest thing ever.  Next time you see the word FOE, do not be intimidated by it as I was at first.  In fact, the FOE will give your garment a very professional finished look.  You will repeat this process for the sleeves.

Now, I will move on to the Pocket piece.  Putting the right sides together, you will sew around the edge of the pocket leaving open a small part on the bottom.  This step is to turn the pocket right-side out afterwards.  So far, so good!  I have to say this project has been very enjoyable to undertake.

Once the pocket is complete, you will stitch it to the Front piece of the garment.  You need to measure 4 1/2” from the bottom of the Front.  Stitch only the top, bottom, and straight side edges.  Leave open the rounded sides (see my photo below).

After you finish this step, you will move on to the main pieces (Front & Back).  You are going to stitch them together at the shoulders.  Next attach the sleeves to the garment at the openings.  Once they are in place you, will sew each side seam and under arm seam in a continuous stitch from bottom to top.  Make sure everything is aligned well.

Follow up by adding the Hood part to the neck line.  At this point, you can say that this beautiful Swim Cover-Up is done!!

However, if you want to add a more sophisticated touch to this project, then you can add Ruffles to the bottom edge (I chose to do this part).  To do the Ruffles, you will need  to cut a strip of fabric 4“ wide by roughly 60” (more or less on the length).  At a minimum, make sure you have enough to gather and go around the bottom edge.  Begin stitching along the top edge to gather up your Ruffles.  You will need to use a long machine stitch, leaving excess thread at the start and at the end of your stitch.  Use the excess pieces of thread to pull on while creating your Ruffles.  Attach the gathered Ruffles to the garment.  Once you complete this step, you are truly finished and ready for the summertime to begin!!

I loved this project very much and I am more confident now with adding FOE to my future outfits.  My Swim Cover-Up looks amazing, and my Daughter absolutely loves it.  I am so happy, and I cannot wait for our next trip to Folly Beach!


  1. I am going to have to try the fold over elastic! Thanks for showing a picture and explaining how easy it was!
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  2. You should! It is very easy and gives your project a nice clean finish.

  3. This is darling, Daniela! Great job!!

  4. Aww Thank you Daisy. I really enjoyed making it


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