The Birthday Dress by Debbie Brooke

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

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I'm very excited to announce that the Birthday Dress is officially on sale! This fully lined dress is made to twirl and everyone who tested it agreed. The high neckline, gathered sleeve, high waistline, and decorative pleat make this dress vintage and modern. The dress is designed to be tea length but the smaller the size the higher the hem. The sizes should be true to what you would buy at the store. I used Janie and Jack and Carter to get the size chart and based the dress off of those sizes. 

If you have any questions about this pattern do not hesitate to contact me by email, facebook or this blog post. If you would like to follow my pattern making process please join the facebook group Debbie Brooke Patterns. I appreciate everyone who helped me with this process. A special thank you to my family and friends. I could not have done this without my sewing community of friends. The testers were amazing and I'm so glad everyone enjoyed making it. 

Testers, Thank you so much!!!!  Here are some pictures from the following testers
Jesy Anderson of Sew Dayton
Jen Bennett of Dotted Llama 
Audra Dean
Katrina Friedman
Shannon Friedman
Abbey Garcia of SewCharleston
Misty Grant of Ellababy
Daniela Jennings
Amy Marfia
Linda Preston
Stacy Sams
Michelle Smith
Amelia Spade

If you were a tester and would still like to send  pictures or feedback you can email me at or post them to the facebook group Debbie Brooke Patterns

Gold Buttons

Size 4 with gold bias tape on pleat

Ric Rac on pleat
Ribbon on pleat

Dresses made for Christmas


Wide strips used around pleat


Mixing fabric  size 2T

Another mixture of fabrics

Another happy customer...I love this smile.



Here are some pictures from Braelyn's 2nd Birthday - she is wearing 18m. She is tall enough for the 2T but she is very skinny and fits into 18m clothes better. 

Here are some pictures of Fabiana on her 5th birthday. She wears a 4 at the store so that is what we made. Her dress is made with a Rayon so it hangs a little bit different.

For wholesale info please email me at


  1. The dresses are beautiful. You did a great job with the pattern!

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  6. Hello if you are the person who designed and sold this pattern I need a replacement. I just bought this pattern at my local sewing center. I have done business with Derrell's of Pensacola for many decades. There are pieces missing and they are mislabeled. I need a correct pattern , ASAP or a refund . Pieces are mislabeled and not correct, there is no tie pattern piece, there are no sleeve pattern pieces, and what is supposed to be the sleeve piece is labeled a bodice. you may contact me at the address listed as my comment screen name.


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