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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Best Friends Pillowcase Dress/Top is finally available for purchase! This is a pattern I made a very long time ago to use for myself and for my students. I never intended to sell the pattern but so many people have asked me for a copy I thought I would make it official.The pattern is only $9 and has a lot of pictures and illustrations.  The pattern is available as a pdf download or print. The pdf is very easy because this is a starter pattern piece so you only print one piece. The print version is nice because you can easily copy the pattern piece and you don't have to waste ink on the instructions.

The term pillowcase dress refers to dresses that were made from actual pillowcases. You would cut an arm hole on each side and sew a casing for a ribbon andT, voila, you were done! There was no hemming because you used the band at the bottom of the pillowcase. This type of dress has evolved over the years to use fabric to make a pillowcase shape for a dress. I love these dresses, but they can be very blocky and heavy. I made my own pattern years ago because I was asked by friends, students, and other teachers for a more fitted pattern and instructions. I finally got around to actually writing the instructions this year.

This pattern is almost a rite of passage for any seamstress making children's clothes. It's such a classic silhouette and so fast to make that it becomes the perfect last minute project. These pillowcase patterns are a dime a dozen online, but I have never found one that I like to use, personally, or that is easy to make your own.

I designed the pattern and instructions so that any intermediate seamstress can use the measurements and instructions to adjust and make it her own. Any beginner can pick up the pattern and create a great dress fairly quickly.

In the pattern, I list these reasons for why I love Pillowcase Patterns:
1. I love that you can customize them quickly and easily.
2. I love how they are perfect for any occasion. You can put a long sleeve underneath, wear them alone, or wear a cardigan over them. Really, anything goes.
3. I love that you can make a dress and a year later it can be worn as a tunic with leggings.
4. No buttons, no zippers!
5. You do not need to prewash your fabric. Because of the fit, prewashing is not required. However, if you are using two different types of fabric, it is a good idea to prewash.

I hope you enjoy this pattern and make it your own!
I've used in multiple classes, and it is a great project for all ages.

Some of the testers

Piped and double fold bias tape was used

Pillowcase top on a 10 year old.


  1. I love your creative designs. They are beautiful and no matter what, no two pillowcases are ever the same. A hand embroidered pillowcase would make as a fabulous gift to a loved one.

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