Completed Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Several days have passed since announcing the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirt as my choice for Pattern 11, but the delay in revealing the finished product wasn't because the skirt was difficult to make.  It took me a little longer because I decided to make two of the three versions the Barcelona Skirt pattern offers!
The first version is the same skirt on the front of the pattern, the tiered skirt.  The only thing I changed was the length of the skirt making it three tiers instead of four.  The edges of the tiers are left raw and as you wash the skirt, the ends will fray which gives this skirt a relaxed look.
I absolutely adore all of the colors in this new Amy Butler fabric "Cameo"!  I also prefer this length to the mid-calf length pictured on the front of the pattern.  Because I am short (5'4), the three tiers turned out to make a perfect knee length skirt, but if you are taller, you may find three tiers isn't long enough for you.  You would need to cut out each pattern piece of the first three tiers about 2 inches longer (depending on your height) to avoid using the fourth tier and having a skirt that may be too short for you. 
The other version of the Barcelona Skirt is a simple A-line skirt.  Both versions of the skirt are fully lined so I decided to make the simple A-line version to use with the green eyelet fabric I have been saving for a couple of weeks.  I chose navy blue for the lining which you can see through the eyelet but that doesn't seem to show up well in the picture.  We have 2 beautiful white eyelet fabrics in our store that would also look great with a brightly colored lining for those of you who would like to make a skirt similar to this one.
The A-line skirt is easier to sew than the tiered skirt just because the cutting out of this pattern is so fast, but both skirts are very simple to sew.  I would categorize this for the advanced beginner just because an invisible zipper must be installed.  Everything else requires only basic straight line stitching! The directions are very straightforward to follow with good pictures.  I did not follow the directions for attaching the lining to the zipper, however, because the directions have you slip stitch the lining to the zipper by hand.  I know I shouldn't admit this since many of you are probably excellent sewers that follow all the sewing rules, but as soon as a pattern calls for something to be sewn by hand, I start thinking of another way to get the job done.  I hate sewing anything by hand because of my impatience and honestly, I'm not very good at it.  I sewed the lining directly to the zipper with my zipper foot, and it worked out fine and looks great.  If you aren't sure how to do this, I'd be glad to show you.  You could do all the steps of the skirt up to the steps where you put in the lining, and then come by the store for me to walk you through it. 
If you usually have trouble finding your correct size based on pattern measurements (waist much smaller than the hip measurement for example), this is the perfect skirt for you because it is easy to alter based on your specific measurements.  Amy Butler explains how to do this in the pattern, and you simply use your measurements to alter the paper pattern before cutting out your fabric. 
The Barcelonia Skirt is a wonderful pattern that I would recommend to all!

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