Pattern 15: The Big Easy Sling Bag

Sunday, July 29, 2012

For pattern 15,  I chose to make a bag from the book "Sew What You Love", the same book I have used for the last three patterns.  The book has five bag patterns to choose from, and I chose the "Big Easy Sling Bag" because it looked like a good sized bag I could use for lots of things.  I like a bag that will easily stay on my shoulder and is large enough to have many functions like carrying my exercise clothes to and from school and my latest sewing projects back and forth to Five Eighth Seams.  I absolutely love bags and have made lots of them with many of my favorites coming from Amy Butler's book "Style Stitches".  The only thing about the bag patterns from "Style Stitches" is that they always take a great deal of effort to sew because they require lots of time to cut out fabric and interfacing (that Amy Butler suggests using) and there are many steps required for assembling the bag.  The finished products look amazing and your Amy Butler bag will be built to last, but occasionally, I just want to sew a fun bag quickly and easily.  "The Big Easy Sling Bag" was just that by requiring only two pattern pieces!  It only took two yards of fabric as well, one for the exterior and one for the interior making this pattern very affordable.  I chose these two fabrics, the bicycles chosen for the exterior with the chevrons making up the interior. 

I have wanted to use the bicycle fabric for some time but was scared of the predominantly white background to use for a bag that would most likely get dirty but since only one yard was used, I decided I wouldn't be wasting much money if I got something on it.  I also bought Scotchgard used for spraying furniture and fabric that helps the fabric repel stains that I hope will give my bag extra protection.  The pattern doesn't suggest interfacing but Amy Butler bags have taught me how much better interfaced bags look so I bought some to use just as she would.  I used Pellon SF101 which gives it a little more weight without being too heavy or sturdy and ironed it on the two exterior bag pieces.  The bag pattern also only has instructions for placing a pocket on the inner bag but I decided to make one for the exterior as well.  I chose this fabric for the pocket.

Exterior of Bag

Inside of Bag

The bag was very simple to sew, the directions easy to follow, and I love the finished product. 

The straps tie at the top making it one of the easiest bags I've ever made.  It stays put on my shoulder and has lots of room for carrying things. 
I love riding my cruiser bike (pictured above) when I want to run errands like going to the grocery store, my favorite consignment store ("Reinvented"), TCBY yogurt, and the Charleston Farmer's Market.  My best friend Krista and I often ride our bikes together, and we agree that riding around the streets of Charleston on these bikes makes us feel like we are 12 years old again!  My new bike bag is going to be perfect for me to bike with, and I loved sewing this project as much as all the others from this book.  This book has consistenly impressed me with how simple the projects are to make and with how nicely they turn out with such little effort.  From a shirt to a dress, ottoman, and bag, "Sew What You Love" delivers projects that you will love sewing and using.  I am not using this book for Pattern 16, but as soon as Pattern 20 is finished, I'm getting my book back out for some more enjoyable sewing!


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