12 days of Holiday Savings 2013

Thursday, December 05, 2013

December 9th 
Day 1 - Buy One Yard Get One Yard 50% off!!! The savings is endless! This is such a great deal!

December 10th
Day 2- Get a Free Reusable Fabricaholic shopping bag with any purchase over $25. 

December 11th
Day 3 - $5 off every $25 you spend!! 

December 12th
Day 4- 20% off all books----better send your mom or husband in to get you the perfect gift.

December 13th
Day 5- 20% off all Chevrons...ALL Chevrons; knits, buttons, cotton, corduroy, etc. 

December 14th
Day 6- Buy One Pattern Get One Pattern 50% off!!! Stock up now

December 16th
Day 7 -  30% off all notions. ****PERFECT STOCKING STUFFERS**** start your list now and have your elf come pick them up. 

December 17th
Day 8- 15% off all Knits. Did you forget a gift? Need a quick infinity scarf for someone at work?

December 18th
Day 9- 20% off all dots. Dots are timeless and go with everything. This is the perfect time to add to your stock.

December 19th
Day 10- 30% off Flannel. We have some really cute flannel...ok super cute. 

December 20th- 
Day 11- 10% off your entire purchase

December 21st-
30% off all Christmas Fabric!!! Get ready for next year or make some last minute decorations.   Also, this is the LAST day we are open before Christmas so if you are expecting a gift card better send your elf quick. 


  1. It seems to be a save and enjoy month looking at this :)


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