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Sunday, October 27, 2013

I love this dress!!! The details and the design are different than anything else I have ever made for my daughter. Most dresses are so similar that I get a little bored making them, but this dress surprised me. And, although it was different, it was easy. 

Fabric: Corduroy by Fabric Finders and Raccoon Print from the Acacia collection by Tula Pink.

Even though the pattern suggested otherwise, I used corduroy, and I still did a double hem. This dress is great if you want a color blocked look. It even has pattern pieces to pull off the perfect color blocked dress. The shirt (view C) is something I will definitely make in the future when my daughter gets over dresses. 

I used this dress for her picture day outfit. The blue corduroy was perfect to complement her blue eyes. Going against my better judgment, I decided to make a 2T. It was way too big! I should have stuck with the 18/24month, but the idea of it "fitting a long time" won again. Later, I will be grateful, so I decided to do an inside hem that could later be taken out when she gets taller. 

Too Long

 I hemmed the dress the way I would hem jeans or anything that I want to keep the bottom look. I did have to remove the pockets and reattach them after I finished.  

I turned up the bottom and measured half the amount I wanted to hem it; specifically, I measured 1" because I wanted it 2" shorter. 

Then, I pinned all the way around. I sewed close to the corduroy with a little bit longer stitch all the way around. Finally, I folded the skirt back down and reattached the pockets. 

Everyone loves this dress and complements her on it. 

I can not get her to stay still for photos anymore. 

The back

How she really feels about the camera...too funny! I wonder if she gets this look from me?

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