Halloween Staple Dress

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This year, I decided not to make my daughters Halloween costumes. I made this decision after my husband, who has never participated in Halloween, asked if Braelyn, 22 months, could be a crab and Mackenzie, 7 months, could be a shrimp. I, of course, love that he is actually excited about Halloween, so I agreed. The thought of spending time making a pattern for these two costumes did not excite me at all. In fact, it annoyed me.
There are so many other things I would rather be sewing, so I went onto Amazon and found two cute lobster costumes, a bodysuit for Braelyn, and a 3 piece suit for Mackenzie (just in case she doesn’t tolerate the hood or the feet, she will still be in costume). I also found a cheap chef’s hat and jacket for my husband and father-in-law to wear. They will be cooking the lobsters...cute, right??

What I forgot to think about is what I will wear! The Charleston sew-a-long this month in the Facebook group Sew Happy Charleston is the Staple dress, so I have had that pattern on my mind. I made it last spring out of a rayon and loved how it fit. I have been trying to decide what to make my next staple dress out of when it occured to me that the Staple dress is a perfect holiday dress because it is so fast and easy to make. I quickly picked Riley Blake’s Too Cute To Spook spider fabric. Once hearing my brilliant plan to make myself a Halloween themed Staple dress, my sister jumped on board and picked the bat fabric. 

Although we are sisters, our bodies could not be more different. I am 5'2" and a complete log...my hip bones and rib cage touch…I have no torso. My sister is 5' 6-7ish, and she has more of an hour glass figure. Although we wear the same size in most clothing, they fit us completely differently. The staple dress was perfect for us to make together because it has so many completed options. When you first make the dress you will hate it! You will think you look like a Flinstone or a hospital patient. The pattern warns you about this. Once you put the shirring in you will start to love it again. 

The Pattern suggests using a tape measurer tied around your waist to decide where to start shirring 

Here, Stacy decided to do two bands of elastic thread at her natural waist line and wear a belt. 

Here, I decided to do eight bands of elastic thread 1/4" apart just under my bust line. 

We both have the same dress just different looks. 

Did you see the pockets? We shared fabric to give each dress a fun detail. 

Here are two pictures of my dress inside out so you can see the elastic thread better.

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