3: Scirocco Twisted Back Dress by Figgy

Monday, August 27, 2012


I am very impressed by this Figgy pattern. Figgy is known for being modern and contemporary, and this is what drew me to the pattern in the first place. I am so happy with my finished product, I wish Braelyn was old enough to wear it now. It is listed as an advanced beginner difficulty on the cover, and I would have to agree.  I think this is a great project for anyone who wants a little challenge with rewarding results.

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Because Braelyn is so young I had some of the girls at the daycare my sister works at to model for me with their mother's permission of course.
I made a size 2/3. At the bottom of this post I have an explanation of the fit with more pictures.

The dress looks so good and professional they are worth selling. But, can you sell your finished product?

A lot of patterns makers copyright their patterns so that you can not sell the finished product. This is very common with newer designers. For example Amy Butler copyright states
This pattern is for personal home use. Projects are not to be produced for commercial purposes, nor are they to be made into items for sale. 
This means you can not sell your finished product for any reason, including resell stores after your child has worn the garment. Figgy allows you to sell your finished product. Which is really great because they are so darn cute. On the inside of the front cover of the instructions Figgy has a"A note on sharing".
We want to make it very easy and profitable for the boutique sewer to use our patterns....The only thing we ask of you is the promise that every garment made from a Figgy's pattern is sewn by one single person, in their home and has a Figgy's label sewn into it when you intend to sell the finished product.
They have included a label with the pattern they would like you to sew into the garment. If you are going to make more than one and would like to sell them you need to order more label from their website.
Figgy is also trying to fundraise for a Kids Sewing School. To find out more check out http://www.indiegogo.com/figgyssewingstudio

I love the way the pattern directions are written. They read like someone is talking to me, not like I'm reading a technical document. The pictures are easy to follow and there is a glossary included.

I decided to use ribbon for the accent around the front pleat. I liked the contrast of the colors and sheen of the ribbon.

The shoulder seams were a little confusing but that is only because I have never done them without top stitching. Once I figured them out and had my ah-ha moment I was very pleased with the result. In fact, I will continue to use the technique with other garments that request top stitiching. The pictures in this step is hard to understand. Here is a picture of my garment for step 18.

I also had problems with my rolled hem foot. I only had a very small narrow rolled hem foot so I had issues going over the seams. I will be buying a wider rolled hem foot before I make this dress again.

Other than that, I look forward to making more of these dresses and helping students make this pattern. I absolutely love it!

I had two girls, Essence and Cora that wear a size 2T try it on. Both girls are skinny but fit into their store bought 2T very well. This dress was big on them, Cora especially. I think if I took in the elastic in back it would have fit better but it was still big.

I had Iyonia who wears a 3T try it on and it seemed to fit her but was still a little big in the back. It was a little complicated to get on with the hole cut out so all of the girls needed help:)
I think if I make this again I would make a 18 month for a 2T and the 2/3 for a 3T/4T.

Below are some more pictures of the girls playing dress up:)
I hope you enjoy.


  1. This dress is really cute! Love how you had all your "models" trying it on so we could see the sizing differences - great idea!

  2. Really well done! I love it!
    Thank you so much for all of your support too!!!

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