Pattern 20: Jennifer Paganelli's Patricia Tunic

Monday, August 13, 2012

For Pattern 20, I chose to download another one of Jennifer Paganelli's patterns, the "Patricia Tunic" (downloaded at  Along with many of you, I have made the "Schoolhouse Tunic" by Sew Liberated, a great tunic we always recommend as a great pattern.
The "Patricia Tunic" is a little different in that it has versions for all types of sleeve options including short sleeves, 3/4 length, and long sleeves along with making the finished sleeve a bell shape.  The finished tunic also has open slits on the lower sides (the pattern calls these vents), and the ability to choose to make a contrasted front and back facing along with contrasted sleeves.
Like the "Rebecca Shift Dress" I made last time, the "Patricia Tunic" pattern comes in sizes 0-26 with very clear and detailed directions on how to alter this pattern to fit you better.  How to make a "frankenpattern" is also explained for all of you who find that patterns never fit you just the right way and need to make adjustments.  For the tunic, this could really come in handy since many people who made the "Schoolhouse Tunic" had trouble getting it to fit well if they were larger busted and had broader shoulders. 
I had no trouble sewing this tunic, and I actually finished it on Friday when I was working in the store.  I immediately put it on a mannequin to display.
I made the shirt length version but there are many different length options available. 
The tunic was not difficult to sew at all, and the sleeves were much easier to attach than the "Schoolhouse Tunic" which requires to you to gather the sleeves to fit.  I was so glad that my last pattern of 20 came together easily and ended up looking great!
I am "sew happy" that I ended up making my goal of sewing 20 patterns this summer.  It was difficult occasionally to find the time to sit down and sew, especially with working at the store, training for my half ironman (which feels like a part-time job in itself), working on house remodeling projects, and actually trying to rest and relax before school starts.  I can say, however, that it has been great getting the opportunity to sew such a variety of patterns, things I would have never chosen otherwise.  I also have an amazing back-to-school wardrobe with all of my finished garments!
I really appreciate all the positive feedback you have given me.  Many of you told me how much this blog helped you choose patterns or inspire you to sew which made my work feel worthwhile.  I want every one who chooses sewing as a hobby to love it as much as I do!  Because of this, Brooke and I have decided that we really don't want the blog to end.  We love sharing our experiences with you, and we want the opportunity to help you find patterns that are great or give you tips to help not so great patterns turn out that way!  Since I have to go back to school on Wednesday of this week (insert tears here), I will not have as much time to sew or blog as I did over the summer, but we want to have as many up-to-date blogs as possible for you.  To make that happen, Brooke and I are going to share our postings on the "Sew Happy" blog.  Brooke will be posting all of the projects she makes for her little girl Braelyn along with all the other things she makes for herself and her home.  I will continue providing feedback on the adult patterns I sew along with other projects I have in mind for Christmas presents!  Between the both of us, we hope to inspire you to make wonderful things with beautiful fabrics!  Not sure how you'll know who is posting?  Just check the bottom of each post that will let you know if Brooke or Laura is doing the writing. 
Thanks again for all of your support to finish my 20 patterns.  Stay tuned for my next post when I rank the 20 patterns from worst to best!


  1. Found your blog while surfing for versions of the Rebecca Shift, a pattern I recently downloaded. Thank you for sewing and reviewing 20 patterns! You just now helped me decide to download the Patricia Tunic pattern, which I didn't realize offered a shirt-length version and straight sleeves. :)

  2. Laura- Thank you sew much for your wonderful efforts. It was great to see what the patterns look like beside the awful display on the pictures on the pattern fronts. You and the ladys at Five Eights inspire and encourage me to be a better sewer.(not sure if that is an actual word)I hope to one day be on the level that ya'll are. Please don't forget about Shelby. She needs a wardrobe also. She's so lovely she makes me laugh.


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