Pattern 19: Sis Boom "Rebecca Shift Dress"

Thursday, August 09, 2012

For Pattern 19, I decided to use a downloadable pattern from Jennifer Paganelli's (a great fabric designer) website.  You may not have heard of Jennifer Paganelli, but if you've been in our store, you've definitely noticed her fabric.  We adore her gorgeous fabrics with their bright bold colors.

We also love her book "Girl's World" which includes great sewing patterns for young girls .

I couldn't wait to go to her website to download some adult clothing patterns that I knew would be great based on our other experiences with her products.
I downloaded several patterns and chose the "Rebecca Shift Dress" for Pattern 19. 

Most of the patterns are $10, a very good price considering that the dress pattern I downloaded came in sizes 0-26!  The pattern ends up costing you more if you consider printing costs, however.  The pattern is 471 pages long because it includes separate pattern pieces for all sizes (no searching among multiple cutting lines to find your size) and very detailed instructions, but I only printed out the pattern pieces for my size (about 18 pages).  You then have to cut out the pattern pieces, fit them together kind of like a puzzle, and tape the correct pieces together to get the actual pattern you use to cut your fabric.  I didn't print out the sewing instructions.  I kept the laptop nearby to read from as I finished each step.

The directions to the "Rebecca Dress" were excellent!  I found them very easy to use.  What impressed me the most was how well the pattern explains how to alter the pattern pieces to fit your measurements.   There are 6 pages of instruction on how to make the dress to fit you perfectly!  If you are one of those people that find your waist and hip measurements on the pattern sizing chart but find those are significantly less or more than the bust measurement indicated, you probably get frustrated because you have trouble deciding what size pattern you need.  This pattern has a solution called making a "frankenpattern" where very specific details are given to help you alter the pattern to be perfect for you like increasing the bodice size for a large bust without making the bottom pattern pieces any larger.  It also does a great job of giving many different length options for all heights so you can cut the pattern pieces out to the perfect length from the beginning instead of waiting to try on the dress to find the perfect hem length. 

I altered my pattern by choosing to make the bodice pieces in the tall length because I have a long torso but the other pieces used were for the regular length since I'm only 5'4.    I chose to make the knee length version so the dress would be school appropriate.  The fit of the dress turned out perfect for me!

I really love the look of this dress.  The contrasting facing (in blue) was a design option the pattern explains how to do, but it also gives you the option to make the dress using just one fabric.  Brooke made an Amy Butler dress out of this same fabric, and I really liked it so I copied her fabric choice.  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

This dress looks like one you would buy at a clothing boutique, and I adore it!  Of all the things I've made so far, I think this dress is my favorite! 

I have decided to download another pattern from for Pattern 20, a long sleeved tunic I'm hoping will be a good piece to add to my wardrobe for fall!  I can't wait to see how it turns out.


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