Pattern 17: Girlfriends Clothing Patterns: The Isabelle Skirt

Saturday, August 04, 2012

As if I haven't sewn enough skirts this summer, I went ahead and chose another skirt pattern for Pattern 17.  I do love skirts in the summer, and they are usually very easy to sew which is why I make so many of them.  I chose the "Isabelle" skirt from the "Girlfriends" clothing pattern line which is a knit, a-line skirt made up of 6 panels.  The waistband is elastic. 
As you can see in the picture above from the front of the pattern cover, the panels of the skirt make a tighter fit at the waist but flare at the hem.  I wanted to use the elephant fabric shown in the picture but sadly, we sold out.  I then talked myself into making a plain skirt out of brown knit because I thought it would be a great basic to add to my wardrobe.  I made the skirt out of our great bamboo knit in chocolate brown, but I wish I had chosen something different because the solid brown skirt was so boring to sew, and I wasn't excited about my sewing project.  The entire time I sewed the skirt, I kept thinking what a waste of time it was to make a skirt that wasn't unique that I could probably buy at most stores.  And honestly, I don't hardly ever wear brown.  It just isn't me.  Thinking ahead about my fall wardrobe, I picked the fabric but I wish I hadn't been so sensible and just picked something I really loved.

As you can see from the picture above, I don't think it turned out very well.  Although I have loved other things I've used with the bamboo knit, I didn't like it for the construction of this skirt.  The panels of the skirt require you to sew a curved side to a straight side which made my fabric pucker a lot even after I ironed it (which you can see in the picture above on the left side of the skirt!).  Also, the fit of this skirt is tighter at the waist and hips and with this fabric, it showed every lump and bump underneath, not a flattering situation for most of us! 
The pattern calls for 1/2 inch elastic to be attached in a casing for the waistband, but I chose to use the wide brown ripple elastic on the outside of the skirt.  I prefer not to make waistbands with the elastic in a casing unless I'm sewing pajama pants because I don't feel like the finished garment looks professionally done this way.  I do like how the outer elastic turned out and would suggest you doing the same.
Although I don't like how my skirt turned out, I do think the pattern is very simple to use and could make a really cute skirt if you choose a cotton jersey knit that has a little more weight to it.    The elephant fabric would have been the perfect thickness and texture for this skirt!  The bamboo knit was just too thin and slinky for this style, and I would suggest staying away from knits like this if you make this skirt.
I won't be wearing this skirt because I feel like the puckered seams scream "bad sewer", but I will give this pattern another try with thicker cotton jersey knit. 
Many of you read a previous blog where the finished product, a cardigan, didn't turn out very well.  I decided this skirt will join that cardigan in my dog Shelby's wardrobe. 

She looks good in every thing she wears!


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