Butterscotch by OAD pattern review

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

We just got this pattern in, and when I had left over seersucker from another project, I decided this would be a perfect dress for seersucker. As you can see in the picture, I changed my design of contrasting fabrics a little bit. I only made the exterior bow out of the contrasting fabric instead of the bow and the bow holder. I did this, so I could change out the bow. The purple chevron is the perfect contrast to support Clemson University. 

I love patterns that you can change a little bit by changing the direction of the fabric or the contrast. Looking back, I now think it would be cute to make the bow holder out of the contrast fabric and the bow match the rest of dress. 

When you prewash seersucker, it goes back to a very crinkled state. This can create a very fluffy fabric when cutting out. If you iron seersucker, it loses some of the crinkliness, so it’s a good idea to do a light iron before you cut out your pieces. 

The order of sewing instructions is a little different than what I am used to. For example, I am used to making pockets and connecting them first. In this pattern, you add the pockets after the dress is constructed. I don't think it matters either way; it is just different. 

The instructions are easy to follow and the pictures are very informative. They did a good job of numbering the steps and putting a picture with each step.

The only thing I did differently is that I top stitched the lining down. Most of you know I do NOT hand sew unless I absolutely have to. I did this by basting it down inside out and then flipping to the outside and creating a nice top stitch near the seam. I then removed the basting stitch.

Also, I did not tack down the bows; this might become a problem once Braelyn is big enough to wear it, but we will see. She is currently in 18 month old dresses, and I made a 2T. It is very large on her but will hopefully fit this fall just in time for football season. 

Too big for 18mo

I would definitely recommend this pattern to beginners or advanced sewers. It is really cute once made, and I love the baby-doll look. 

Speaking of dolls, I decided to make the doll dress as well. This is a very simple doll dress and fits 18" dolls very well. It was a little big on her cabbage patch doll, but that's okay. I did not hem the lining in the doll dress; instead, I just sewed all three layers together when I connected the skirt. 

Inside doll dress

Braelyn's Baby

Hard to keep her still

Not too excited about modeling


  1. Very cute! I like the straps at the back :)


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