Whitney Pleated Trousers Pattern Review

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sorry I couldn't decide on a cover photo so I used two :)

Where do I start? These pants are just too cute, but so is the fabric. I used Moda Fabrics Crossroads Denim by Amy Barickman. This fabric is 100% cotton and pre-washed!! It is also 54/55" wide! 

I have been thinking about these pants since the pattern came in this summer. I originally wanted to use linen, then seersucker, then corduroy, but I finally decided on denim. I went out on a limb and ordered denim from Moda Fabrics a few months ago, and I love it. It is the perfect weight. I was afraid the denim would make these pants too heavy, but I think they turned out just right. The belt did not look good in the denim, but I will make matching belts with cotton to go with the purple. I also had to change the belt loops to accommodate for the thick denim. This pattern would be perfect in all of the fabrics listed above.

I really liked how Violette Fields explains how to make a box pleat. This was very easy to do, and it turned out very nice. I decided to do a welt seam when I sewed the sides together. I only did this because of the denim. I really just like the look. I would not have done this seam with another fabric. I also serged all of my seams including the seam in the crotch of the pant. However, I serged it open, meaning I serged both sides separately and pressed it opened. I thought this would help with the bulk of the denim. 

Box Pleats Right Side of Fabric

Box Pleats Wrong Side of Fabric

Welt Seam

There were a few spots in the pattern that were a little confusing, but, overall, it was very easy to follow with excellent results. In step 9, I think it is easier to do if the pants are not inside out like fig. 12 shows. I thought the opposite about step 13 and fig. 15; it would be easier if inside out instead of right side out. The way they have you make the waistband is so simple and looks great. Also, in step 17 it is easier if you sew the side seams on the right side of the fabric. It just looks nicer. I decided to use a blind hem to hem the pant. I love how shorts and pants from stores like Banana Republic, Loft, Limited, etc have a blind hem finish, so I try to use it when I can, and this project is perfect for it. 
Pants inside out

I'm looking forward to making the pleated skirt that comes with the pattern. I haven’t picked a fabric yet, but I am thinking a twill or a pique. What you do think?

The back 


Side View

Showing off her Cinderella Heels

Model in the making

We do not have grass in our new house yet. 


  1. Yours turned out so cute. I have sewn for many years and I am having trouble with the pleats on pants. I don't give up easily tho.

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