Easy Peazy Pleats Pattern Review

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Most people see the cover of this pattern and do not realize it is a pleated dress. The dress on the cover is made with dots and it is hard to tell. When Mollie from my Tuesday night class made it I was so jealous. I loved how her daughter twirled in it and I love the fabric she picked. 

When I read the introduction on this pattern, I did not believe it: "Make this adorable pleated dress using a very easy pleating technique - no pins, no markings, just an iron." It was true!! I absolutely loved the technique and, oddly, had fun doing it. It was a lot of iron-sew-iron, but I really liked it. I'm adding pictures not to show you the technique but to prove it was that easy! (Please excuse the towel...we are moving and I did not have an ironing board yet. I did this entire dress on the end of a wood table with a towel :))

I loved how the pleats were made. They do warn you to make sure your seams in the pleats are 3/4" and not to trust your marks on your sewing machine. I suggest you do this. It does actually matter. 

I used fabric from Art Gallery Fabrics' Tule line by Leah Duncan. I love this line and could not wait to use it. I will be doing more in the future for sure!

 I love how it turned out; my only complaint is that it comes in a 3T-8 so it is too big for Braelyn right now. It did however fit Fabiana who usually wears a 4T and is turning 5 in November. It was very snug on her and hard to get on, but it did fit. I would say this pattern runs a little big. 

Usually, I do exactly what the directions say the first time I make a dress, but I have learned when doing Olive Ann Design patterns sometimes I would rather do it my way. ;)
Here is what I did differently:
1. I cut out straps to match the design of the fabric. I did not follow the grain line on the pattern. 
2. I just serged the lining at the bottom. I did not hem it. Why hem something you can't see? And, sometimes, I think it makes it a little bulky. 
3. For the band, I did not follow the directions at all. I think it wanted you to make it like bias tape, so the seam was concealed. I don’t really care if that seam is hidden because, again, you can't see it. So, I attached it like I would a ruffle or a band on a pillowcase dress. I just folded the band wrong sides together and attached it by putting all raw edges together and sewing a 1/2" seam allowance. 

Braelyn growing up is Bittersweet....this dress will be part of the sweet part ;)  

Here are pictures of Fabiana in the dress. She should be a model!


  1. how long did tbis take to make? if you can remember lol

  2. how long did tbis take to make? if you can remember lol


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