Halloween Dressses - Apron Knot Dress

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Seasonal Dresses

These patterns had just arrived at the store, but I was far away in South America.  I really wanted to get my hands on them and start making some nice new outfits.  So, the best I could do was brainstorm some color and pattern combinations in anticipation of returning home.

Upon my return, Brooke called me and gave me the brilliant idea of making Halloween dresses for the girls.  Of course, she suggested that I use the “Apron Knot Dress” by Little Lizard King I was very happy with this turn of events.

For my dresses, I chose some wonderful new fabrics with a variety of novelty patterns, specifically, bats and spiders; you can imagine how cute they are!  I also chose some nice colorful patterns with bold oranges that you see around Halloween time.

My biggest shock came when I opened the new dress pattern and discovered that there is virtually no pattern at all!  There is only the pattern for the small accent pieces that you will need to give the dress its look.

The most challenging part of making these dresses is determining what size you wish to make and then assembling all the necessary fabric.  I was making 3 different sizes (6-12 Month, 2T, & 5T) and I wanted each dress to be unique, so that added to the complexity.  Once I worked out all the material that I would need, the cutting began.  I decided my strategy for the dresses was to give each dress a unique section of fabric.  Then, the remaining portions of that fabric would be used to make the trim parts of the other 2 dresses.  This made the dress look like a set without being identical, and it was the best use of the fabrics without spending too much.

The thing to remember about this pattern is everything is just rectangles and strips of fabric.  Overall, it is very simple and should be a quick project to make and have fun with, especially if you want to do a seasonal theme like I did.  There’s still plenty of time left to make some Halloween outfits and get your girls in them. Also, Little King Lizard encourages people to sell the products they make with their patterns. 

I hope you find making this pattern fun, just like I did.  We think our girls look great wearing them, and we are sew happy!


  1. Those are super cute! I may have to make one for my niece....

    1. Thank you Kris! You should...they are adorable!


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